Before building the Brightidea app, you must first register. Successful registration provides the neccessary resources for app building.

Developer Registration

Go to and register for a Brightidea developer account. You only have to do this once. If you already have an account, just login.

server-side flow

Register App {#registerapp}

After login, you are presented the "All Apps" page, which lists all the apps you have previously registered. If you don't have any registered apps, the list is blank.

Click on "+ Create New" to register you new app. Fill info at the "Create App" screen, then click "Create" to complete. Information submitted here is used in the user authentication scheme of your app. See Authentication for information.

  • App Name: Name of your your app. This is displayed in the "Login with Brightidea" page.
  • Website: Website of your app. This is displayed in the "Login with Brightidea" page.
  • redirect uri: Used for receving Oauth 2.0 parameters.

server-side flow

Edit App {#editapp}

After app creation, page displays all resource required to for building authentication scheme. See Authentication for information.

  • client id: Public ID of your app.
  • client secret: Secret key for your app.
  • Logo: Logo of your app. Image uploaded here is displayed in the "Login with Brightidea" page during user authentication.
  • authorize url: URL used to initiate "Login with Brightidea".
  • token url: URL used to request for API access resources in the Server-side authentication flow.

server-side flow

You can view app info anytime by going to "All App" list and clicking on the app name. The "Edit App" page displays all info.

If an app is no longer relevant, you should delete the app account by clicking on the "delete" button at the low right corner of the page. App deletion step cannot be reverted.

Logs {#logs}

Every request made to Brightidea by your app is logged. You can find detail by going to the "Logs" page.

Go to "All App" list and clicking on an app name. Then click on the "Log" tab to see request detail of the selected app.

Logged requests are displayed by date in descending order. Clicking on the individual request brings up additional information.

server-side flow