ideaList {#get}

Get data of the ideaList widget.

Authentication is dependent on the Public/Private setting of Affiliate WebStorms.


Parameters | Detail ----------------------------------- | ----------------------------------- idea_code
optional |Filter return by idea code
Sample value: "D123" title
optional |Filter return by idea title
Sample value: "Great Idea Title" description
optional |Filter return by idea description
Sample value: "Great Idea Description" date_created
optional |Filter return by idea created date. Response contains all ideas created within the 24 hours of the specified date
Sample value: "12/06/2009" date_modified
optional |Filter return by member last modified date. Response contains all ideas modified within the 24 hours of the specified date
Sample value: "12/06/2009" category_id
optional |Filter return by ID of category
Sample value: "11111111-1111-1111-1111-111111111111" status_id
optional |Filter return by ID of status
Sample value: "11111111-1111-1111-1111-111111111111" member_id
optional |Filter return by ID of idea submitter
Sample value: "11111111-1111-1111-1111-111111111111" tag_id
optional |Filter return by ID of a tag
Sample value: "11111111-1111-1111-1111-111111111111" tag_name
optional |Filter return by name of a tag
Sample value: "Great Tag" campaign_id
optional |Filter return by ID of a campaign
Sample value: "11111111-1111-1111-1111-111111111111" visible
optional |Filter return by idea visibility state. Parameter is for Admin only
Accepted Value: 1: For shown, 0: For hidden anonymous
optional |Filter return by anonymous submission
Accepted Value: 1: For anonymous, 0: For not anonymous
optional |Orders the return idea objects. Overwrites "order" parameter if used.
Accepted Value: "best", "recent" page_size
optional |Specifies number of records returns per page. Default: 20. Minimum: 1. Maximum: 100
Sample value: 50 page
optional |Specifies which page of records to return. Default: 1. Minimum: 1. Maximum: {pagecount}
Sample value: 5 order
optional |A SQL style string that specifies the order the records should return in.
Sample value: "date
created ASC, ideacode DESC".
Accepted attributes: "id", "idea
code", "title", "datecreated", "datemodified", "visible", "anonymous", score" format
optional |Specifies returned data format
Accepted value: "json", "xml"

Resource Information

Authentication: See Access Permission for LIST member

HTTP Methods: GET

Request URL Format: https://{api_domain}/api3/widget/ideaList

Access Permission {#listPermission}

Private WebStorms: Requester must authenticate to get data.

Public WebStorms: No authentication required to get data.

Requster Role: Some attributes are accessible base on the idea state and the requester's role.

  • Hidden idea: Admin only
  • Hidden comment count: hidden comments are included in count for Admin only
  • Anonymous idea: Submitter data returns for authorized requester. Authoriztion is defined in WebStorm setting.

Options: Respond actionable option for the given requester. The information specifies if and how the given request can interact with the object

  • vote_option: Specify the voting options available to requester

    "PROMOTE": Requester can promote the idea

    "DEMOTE": Requester can demote the idea

    "CLEAR_OPINION": Requester can clear votes

    "PROMOTE_DISABLED": Pomote is disabled for the idea

    "DEMOTE_DISABLED": Demote is disabled for the idea

  • control_option: Specify controls available to requester

    "HIDE_IDEA": Requester has the permission to hide the idea

    "EDIT_IDEA": Requester has the permission to edit the idea


  • Invalid object ID or you don't have access to this object

Example Request

  • Method: GET
  • Header: Authorization=Bearer 85f7b2462570acdde9a458ba6495b8763dcd040c
  • URL:

    ~~~ { "idealist": [ { "id": "E74BF5CD-B00F-428A-9971-C0CBD230CF71", "title": "NASA's Wallops Island Prepares for the Spotlight", "description": "Share. 0. On one of Virginia's small barrier islands, a NASA facility that operates in relative obscurity outside scientific circles is preparing to be thrust into the spotlight.", "visible": true, "anonymous": true, "ideacode": "D631", "datedisplayed": "2 weeks ago", "voteoption": [ "DEMOTE", "PROMOTE" ], "controloption": [], "score": 1, "datecreated": "2013-04-15 15:44:57.280", "datemodified": "2013-04-15 15:44:57.280", "member": { "id": null, "screenname": "Anonymous", "firstname": null, "lastname": null, "datecreated": null }, "category": { "id": "C893B9AF-0622-4568-B56F-77600DE1EFAC", "name": "Category 2" }, "status": { "id": "D329EF01-D051-40AB-BB18-F13C03F3BE9C", "name": "Status 1" }, "campaign": { "id": "0A140858-AD8A-4F97-9926-D80AD156A130", "name": "Sample Campaign", "description": "Sample Campaign Description", "datecreated": "2013-03-07 17:10:38.107" }, "commentcount": 0, "tags": [], "attachments": [], "merged": [] }, { "id": "E62DB922-55EE-419D-9CB9-4C4DD8243ADA", "title": "Test Idea Title", "description": "Test Idea Description.", "visible": true, "anonymous": false, "ideacode": "D629", "datedisplayed": "2 weeks ago", "voteoption": [ "CLEAROPINION", "DEMOTE" ], "controloption": [], "score": 1, "datecreated": "2013-04-15 15:42:39.360", "datemodified": "2013-04-16 15:54:18.027", "member": { "id": "866144B1-E302-42EF-AF80-75DE988885AE", "screenname": "John Doe", "firstname": "John", "lastname": "Doe", "active": true, "photourl": "", "photofileid": "02F11D0E-BA74-4A7D-B1BE-4F7F651B2507", "jobtitle": "Sales", "skills": "Selling Software", "workhistory": "Worked at", "phone": "123 456-789", "mobilephone": "987 654-3210", "address": "123 fake street", "datecreated": "2013-03-07 19:09:54.563", "datemodified": "2013-04-18 13:14:21.067" }, "category": { "id": "C893B9AF-0622-4568-B56F-77600DE1EFAC", "name": "Category 2" }, "status": { "id": "D329EF01-D051-40AB-BB18-F13C03F3BE9C", "name": "Status 1" }, "campaign": { "id": "0A140858-AD8A-4F97-9926-D80AD156A130", "name": "Sample Campaign", "description": "Sample Campaign Description", "datecreated": "2013-03-07 17:10:38.107" }, "commentcount": 0, "attachments": [], "merged": [] } ], "stats": { "total": 532, "pagecount": 266, "currentpage": 3 } } ~~~

FAQ {#faq}

Question: What is the difference between the object LIST idea request and the widget ideaList request.

Answer: ideaList widget returns additional option and control information for a given idea. See Access Permission for detail. The data is useful for external application design. It tells the application wheter the given user can interact with the object.